Monday, April 28, 2008

Courtney and David's Wedding. Monterey

Ceremony and reception at the Pasadera Country Club in Monterey.

The Monterey peninsula is a beautiful region and benefits from a very temperate climate. Pasadera adds to this a private Jack Nicklaus designed golf course and an impressive rustic earth-toned clubhouse with exposed beams and tile roofs. I'm told that Courtney fell in love with the location when she visited and I can see why! The use of wood, stone, and brick is very nice. There is an incredible faux stone paved courtyard with large Oak trees and a fountain where the ceremony was held.

Courtney and David met at work. That evening Courtney's mom told a great story about how their romance first started involving a hose, drop ceiling, and dripping water. I guess there was something in that water because now they are married! Hmmm, that technique seems to loosely follow a concept put forth in The Game (i.e. Mystery Method).

The clear weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and plein air dancing later that evening. The entire wedding was wonderfully relaxed and stress free. There was a hosted bar, open seating, and plenty of areas for guests to congregate both inside and outside the clubhouse. Courtney is half Chinese and David, from Mexico which made for a great mix of guests not to mention the Latin dancing!

Coordination: Larisa Najera-Lavering at Pasadera CC
Floral Arrangements: Down the Aisle Weddings
Cake: Ana's Creative Baking

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adobe Lightroom for the San Jose PUG

I use Pictage for my image hosting and am a member of the San Jose PUG. Last week Jill Johnson, our PUG leader, asked me to do a follow-up presentation on Adobe Lightroom for our Pictage Users Group. I was honored and of course started scribbling many of the little things that I have learned since the first talk. I am not an expert but I have explored some of its more advanced features and harness many of Lightroom's offerings to streamline my RAW workflow.

I am glad that I am able to share my experiences and happy to say that our discussion tonight seemed to help a few people improve their relationship with the software. Still trying to get one of our members to reinstall it ;) you know who you are!

Anyhow, I've ftp'd the two PDF presentations to my website.

The first presentation targets an earlier version of Lightroom and is a high level introduction. The second PDF discusses version 1.3.1. and deals more with the little things you can do to speed up your workflow. They are somewhat rudimentary and portions of the second presentation borrows slides from the first. The slides were meant to lead a discussion where we would talk about the specifics and not be a how-to manual. Sorry, no screenshots, no before/after images...

If you find them helpful, great! I would be happy to answer concise and specific questions if you have any. I try and answer as many emails as I can.