Thursday, September 21, 2006

Delia & Randy's Wedding. Pacifica

What do wedding photographers do on "off" weekends? We photograph weddings of course! This past weekend I worked at Rockaway Beach with a great photographer and friend Poh Lim. Delia and Randy were wonderful and they were really gung ho for shooting the sunset which is one of the great features of this beach. Its sand is also darker in color contributing some great contrast to the photographs.

When we were photographing the guys, I have to admit it was a little hard to resist watching the Michigan - Notre Dame game which they had on in the room. After I saw the score though, working was no longer a problem. ;-)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Michelle & Bill's Wedding. Pleasant Hill

Ceremony and reception at the Pleasant Hill Community Center.

What a fun couple and laid back wedding! During one of our first meetings they joked about wanting just a simple barbeque. Well, it wasn't a complete joke as the bride and groom donned his and her apron-like coverings during the reception to dine on brisket, ribs, chicken, cornbread, beans, etc.

We started in Danville at the Adora Bella Salon where Laura was assisted by her cute puppy. Then it was off to the home of Michelle's mother to get dressed. We thought we were late but guests were just starting to arrive for the four o'clock ceremony as we drove up with the bride. The rest is history. Michelle and Bob are just about to leave for their
honeymoon, an Alaskan cruise - which reminds me that I should post some pictures of my family trip there. It's an amazing place!