Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Diana and Alex's Wedding. Berkeley

Long overdue! Ceremony in the Mather Redwood Grove at the U.C. Berkeley Botanical Garden and reception at Scott's Seafood in Walnut Creek.

It is quite a privilege to photograph the wedding of a peer. Afterall, there can probably be no more qualified a critic. Alex and Diana, the excellent photographer behind Heart Studios, asked me to photograph her wedding and I was only too happy to accept. She was also going to bake her own cake. That's right the bride is baking her own cake a few days before the wedding and not just some sheet cake with Betty Crocker frosting. Incredible! I couldn't resist offering to photograph some of that now could I? Two Kitchen Aid's, two ovens, and a bunch of friends over to help. It was fun. Check out her results below.

The Mather Grove is heavily forested and light was a concern for me. That morning I fretted about the heavy fog along the Bay but weather cooperated perfectly. A low overcast gave way to bright sun which pleasantly lit the ceremony area. The wedding party walked up a winding pathway to the front of the amphitheater where a good friend presided over the ceremony. Due to spotty cell coverage you will see below how the groomsmen used an advanced hand signaling protocol to cue the musicians.

After the ceremony we had almost an hour of fun with the bridal party in the botanical garden. This really is a cool place to work - filled with interesting trees, plants, flowers, nooks, and crannies. We finished by working with Diana and Alex alone and then drove over to Walnut Creek - couldn't wait to see the cake. Dinner and dancing, nice :)

Everyone was fun loving, Captain Morgan made several appearances, certain members of the bridal party seemed amenable to removing clothing (didn't take them up on the offer), and the party peeps enjoyed the DJ. There was even an afterparty party involving a hot tub. No rest for Diana though as she was shooting a wedding the week after.

Congratulations you two and thank you very much for including me!

Floral Arrangements: Deb's Flower Market
Cake: Patisserie Blazick
Music: Royal Sound Entertainment

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