Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Relief

I have been busy and not posted in a while. However, it is difficult to ignore the utter devastation experienced in Haiti. This is one of the worst catastrophes to occur in the western hemisphere! In a poor country with 9 million people, at least one third now require assistance, at least 50,000 are estimated dead (a figure sure to rise), the capital is virtually flattened, 8 hospitals have closed, the nation has little ability to help itself, and this is just in the first few days (AP report). Haiti will require aid for years to come. After a couple of days of study this is what I've come up with.

Medical care will be in short supply. The studio will donate 10% of gross bookings for the next 3 months to the This newly formed group is California-based and has been established by the Registered Nurse Response Network to support volunteer nurses going to Haiti to assist in relief efforts.

From April to July, 10% will be donated to AmeriCares. This organization is uber-efficient and specializes in delivering medical aid to disaster areas. They are on the ground now preparing to receive an airlift and also plan an overland convoy from the Dominican Republic.

From July until December, 10% will be donated to the United Nations World Food Program. Specializing the feeding the world's hungry and undernourished, this global organization has already landed emergency food supplies from El Salvador and Panama. What is nice about this group is that they stay long after the disaster to support the rebuilding process, Haiti will need their services.

To evaluate a charity on your own, you can try Charity Navigator. They have an excellent and extensive ratings and review database which is accessible online. CNN has also listed several reputable need organizations here.

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