Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alexandra & Brett's Wedding. San Francisco

Ceremony and reception at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

That morning Alex walked down the hall leading into Victor’s and - just beyond the french doors - saw Brett for the first time. She approached, tearing up as she neared Brett. It was a very emotional first meeting as Brett turned to greet her. Love it when couples see each other privately before the ceremony like this and although not considered traditional at this time, I’ll bet 20 years from now, the kiddos will call this sort of thing “traditional”.

The Imperial Floor atop the St. Francis is always an impressive sight. It’s easy to see how someone could fall in love with the space. In fact, after Alex and her mother toured the St. Francis they knew this was it and canceled all their other appointments. The grand paintings and murals, dramatic lighting, drapery, ropes and tassels, french doors, decor - all remarkable. It shines, especially after dark! I mean, check out how Alex and Brett had Victor’s converted into a swanky lounge that night during the reception.

Victor’s was also the site of the ceremony. Guests filled the popular south-eastern corner to capacity and watched as Alex made her way through the doors and down the aisle escorted by her brother. Alex and Brett shared vows they had written themselves. Even one of the groomsman shed a tear.

There had been a lot going the week leading up to the wedding and, unfortunately, Alex’s father couldn’t make the trip from San Diego. Earlier in the day I noticed there was an iPad among the guests; low-and-behold, he was videoconferenced in during the reception in Alexandra’s. Now that’s an Apple endorsement if I ever saw one!

Thank you and congratulations you guys :) - loved getting to know you over the last year!

Floral Design: Montbretia
Cake: Two for Two
Makeup: Sarah Viraphanth
Hair: Pitch Hair Salon
Music: Joel Nelson


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Nicholas Olin said...

Amazing location! i am also searching for location for weddings that has the arrangements of big hall with good accommodation. Do you have any idea? Please suggest if you know any venue.