Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Theresa & Toan's Prewedding Shoot.

It was so hot in the Bay Area this past weekend you could pretty much cook your dinner outside on the blacktop. Luckily, we decided to go to Santa Cruz for the afternoon where it was a cool 80+ degrees at the beach. The world famous Mystery Spot was our starting point. There is no question it was "world famous" because we saw people from all over the world fill the parking lots on this Sunday afternoon. We concluded that the Mystery Spot is definitely in the Santa Cruz tour guides as a must-see.

Back when they were in school, Toan asked Theresa out to lunch in between classes. This was a stop on their first date! He swore that they would be back in time for her next class later in the afternoon. I forget now if she said they made it but as everyone knows the highlight of this stop is the coveted yellow Mystery Spot bumper sticker and Toan made sure to get his. ;) Don't forget your oooo's and aaahhhh's when seeing all the oddities during the tour.

We then drove along West Cliff past the Lighthouse and stopped at Natural Bridges State Beach located at the edge of town. Everyone went sans chaussures as we strolled along the water's edge and up to the worn cliffs at the south end of the beach. Can you tell I like shooting sunsets? Must be the landscape photographer in me. Can't wait for this Blazing 7's wedding (07/07/07) because it will be huge and may have some very interesting accessories.

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