Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Veronica & Allen's Prewedding Shoot.

Back-to-back shoots on Sunday and Monday. It was another outstanding day to be at the beach again because it was another 80+ degree day, a rarity in San Francisco. Veronica and Allen wanted the theme to be San Francisco landmarks. We started in the Nob Hill area, went to the Palace of Fine Arts, and ended at Baker Beach.

Nob Hill has great views in nearly all directions given its location. In addition, all three cable car lines traverse the hill making for an interesting backdrop alongside the Transamerica Pyramid. For those interested, Powell and California is the one intersection where all three routes cross.

As we walked the Palace of Fine Arts, Allen told me that it was a location in the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer. Well, that got me interested so after a little Google I found a page with movie stills. We were running a bit late but we made it to the beach after driving briskly through the Presidio. Gotta get that 20 minutes of warm light. The sand was crowded with people taking advantage of the temperature. I wonder how many people skipped out of work early? Kind of like Hawaii when work or school interfers with the tide schedule ;)

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