Monday, July 16, 2007

Sabline & Aaron Prewedding Shoot.

Sabline and Aaron are San Francisco Giants fans and season ticket holders. It was fitting that we started at Pac Bell, no, SBC, oops, I mean AT&T Park, right after a game against the division rival Dodgers no less.

Unsure of how long we had after the game, we managed to shoot for about 30 minutes before they really started shutting the park down. I was very disappointed when the light behind a duratrans display we were using was turned off. We got the message, it was time to leave. No matter, there are many great locations just outside of the field we can work with.

After a quick hit of expresso at Starbucks, we hopped cross town to Baker Beach because Sabline really likes views of the Golden Gate Bridge. No fog, the weather and sunset were perfect!

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