Monday, July 30, 2007

Torie & Todd Prewedding Shoot.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Stanford University photographing some well known and lesser known locations around the campus. As many of you may know, the campus is a bridal party magnet on weekends as limo after limo drop groups off at the Oval to photograph around the Main Quad. I called ahead and had campus security cordon off the best locations for us. OK, I admit we were just plain lucky and didn't see any wedding parties as we wandered around campus.

Afterwards, we sped along the windy backroads of Palo Alto and Woodside hoping to make it up to the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve before sunset. The park has special significance because it was the location of Torie and Todd's second date and there is a special bench along the trail ;)

Well, we beat the sunset all right, but not the fog. Walking along the trail we watched as it rolled in from the West. Boy did it get cold! No matter, we took some nice pictures and besides, what would the Bay Area be without a little fog in the frame? Check out what I just found! Fog Forecast. When they actually forecast it, you know it's serious.

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