Monday, August 20, 2007

Veronica & Allen's Wedding. San Francisco

Ceremony and reception in the Green Room at the War Memorial Veterans Building in San Francisco.

Cool people and incredible venues make a rewarding career. Veronica and Allen are self ascribed Food Network aficionados. Guests were served some of the couple's favorite dishes - recipes which they provided the caterer - as well as apple martinis, oysters, and V. Sattui wine. Topping it off, they had the balcony lights gelled to match the wedding colors.

I discover a lot about my clients during our meetings, on car rides, over dinners, etc. This evening I learned something more as - during his toast - Veronica's stepfather shared a touching story about the couple and their dedication to one another. It was great tribute and the room filled with hearty applause when he was finished.

Veronica and Allen first met at 1015 Folsom (one of my favorite clubs) through the Maid of Honor. To footnote the wedding day they and dozens of their friends headed over there for an afterparty. I think someone spiked the champagne with RedBull. Though offered, I had to decline the invitation as I skipped my Geritol that morning. If you know anything about 1015 you know you might not be home by 7am. How would I explain that to my family?

Floral Arragements: Flowers By Yip
Catering: Union Street Catering
Cake: Satura Cakes

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