Monday, October 01, 2007

Jeannie and Hyung Prewedding Shoot.

My first engagement session for a 2008 wedding - is it that time already?

Only partially recovered from Kala and Dan's wedding the night before I made sure to stretch my shooting finger before meeting up with Jeannie and Hyung. This couple is a very fun-loving and carefree pair so I had to be ready. Red Bull, latte, banana's, milk - all set. Can you believe these two have known each other for about as long as they can remember? They went to the same schools and have been together forever. Fittingly, we started at their elementary school which is right around the corner from their parents' homes.

We played on the swings until we were sure no one was watching or following us, then ran around to the front of the school for some private time. If their teachers could see them now ;) Afterwards we went to Half Moon Bay and made our way down to the beach just below the Ritz Carlton. The light was great and there were even some high clouds to make the sky more interesting. Lots of people were walking the coastal trail but the beach was relatively deserted so we had more running room.

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