Friday, January 23, 2009

Diana and Alex's Engagement

Diana loves trees, especially Redwoods! She expressed this to me when we all met for dinner one evening. They really wanted to be married among majestic Redwoods and were excited to find a large stand of Coast Redwoods at the U.C. Berkeley Botanical Gardens so near her home.

We picked a warm weekend in January at met there for their engagement session. The grove was very serene and quiet with trees growing very close to each other on the hillside. Winter was the perfect time to come as the afternoon sun crosses low in the sky creating beautiful shafts of light. The wooden amphitheater is the site of their ceremony later this summer. It's going to be great!

The rest of the afternoon was spent
across the street wandering through the botanical gardens which plays host to a wide variety of plant life. We found some incredibly fragrant blossoms in the Mexico/Central America section and came across a HUGE Agave plant.

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