Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kalaya and Dan Featured in The Knot !

I could hardly contain the excitement last year when I got word in June that The Knot Northern California was going to publish Kalaya and Dan's wedding. I've waited for over 6 months and picked up the first issue I found at the local newstand earlier this month!

The couple decided to base the reception theme on one of their favorite pastimes - movies. Credit goes to the creative force of Gloria Wong Tritasavit from Sash and Sugar (soon to be Gloria Wong Event Design) for putting together all the details associated with this wedding and coordinating. She dressed up the already stunning Westin St. Francis. It was an awesome wedding experience and I was honored to play a role on the big day.

There are more images on theknot.com. Also, here is a link to the original wedding post.

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