Friday, May 06, 2011

Valerie & Justin's Engagement. Niles Canyon

Thank you Sotheary and James for introducing us! Turns out, we are also connected through 2 other clients of mine. Small world indeed!

Valerie and Justin share a love for beer and the Oakland A's. Early on when we talked about their engagement session we thought about going to the Coliseum during a game or maybe something centered around a brew pub. Then one weekend they went to explore Sunol and that was it, it was going to be the train yard.

The Niles Canyon Railway is a well known attraction and runs restored trains between Niles and Sunol on weekends. The Sunol Railyard is where trains are parked during the week and worked on by a crew of dedicated volunteers. It's kind of open to the public so we made sure to call ahead and sign our waivers. It was pretty neat wandering around the place. Most of the passenger cars are locked up but there are still plenty of opportunities. We could have spent all day there! Great place and they host a night shoot during the full moon.

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