Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Lee Family - Chloe Turns One! San Jose

The one year milestone is traditionally significant in many Asian countries. Julie and Alan wanted to do something special to commemorate their daughter Chloe's first birthday which included a lifestyle session in traditional Korean clothing called a hanbok. That's when fortune shined on me and Julie sent an email inquiry. She liked my outdoor on-location work and wanted something similar for her family.

I've started developing my portrait work a little bit and this sounded like a wonderful opportunity! Of course I said "yes". We got together so I could meet the family, especially Chloe. (You never know how a child will react and I didn't want to seem like a stranger when the time came to photograph everyone.) Chloe is cute, very well behaved, and mild mannered - a perfect subject. We got along wonderfully and set a date.

I arrived at their home just before Chloe was going to wake up from her normal afternoon nap. Its always a good idea to schedule sessions after a nap, take every advantage you can get. This also gave me some time to work with the wonderfully colorful clothing and capture a few of the important details. There were the garments, the shoes, socks, and rings given by the grandparents. I liked the banners which Julie said were hung when celebrating the first birthday. Chloe woke up all fresh and happy and we made our way to San Jose City Hall. The grays and neutrals nicely highlighted the family's colorful clothing. Virtually deserted on a Sunday afternoon, we roamed freely.

I took soooo many pictures! Thank you for including me in the celebration :)

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