Saturday, October 01, 2011

Nora & Garratt's Wedding. Mill Valley

Ceremony and reception at the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club. If you've never visited, Mill Valley is a charming little town. Worth a trip.

My wonderful clients Diana and Alex referred their high school friends. Nora and Garratt were living on the East Coast at the time. Somehow, they found their location, hired their wedding professionals, and planned the event while completing a law degree, studying for the Bar, developing a business, working at a technical lab, and preparing to move back to California. No easy feat!

During our initial call Nora shared that Garratt has framed a picture from Diana and Alex's wedding. It's one of him dancing. Well now I'm intrigued! There's more. They are high school sweethearts getting married featuring some unique and eclectic accents. "I'd like SWords for $500, Alex." Funny Connery/Trebek sketch, bad SNL reference maybe, but swords is exactly what we have here. As we enjoy dinner together in Oakland one rainy evening I'm told: "Oh, the groomsmen will have swords, Karl. And we're probably going to have a robot." Top hats, tailcoats, swords, robots, bacon, Disa orchids, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Time to put it all together. We start the day as everyone goes through a dry run of the ceremony. Some people couldn't get in to town earlier so they meet to go over things that morning. Then its off to the salon for Nora which is conveniently right across the street. The groomsmen start to change and a few other guys tap on laptops presumably preparing the robot - a Roomba base with a Kinect vision system and an articulating arm. It's on display, dressed for the occasion, and holding a book.

Our ring bearer robot leads the procession followed by one very cute flower girl and then the groomsmen, swords at their sides. Garratt, wearing a Disa boutonniere in honor of his father - a commercial Disa grower, waits as the ladies and finally Nora comes down the aisle with her parents. After a beautiful ceremony among a grove of Redwood trees and officiated by their friend, it's cocktails, pictures, and the reception. They requested more candid type shots; well you can't get much more candid than some of these dancing shots. I can still remember one guest dancing to Starship's We Built This City saying to everyone "...c'mon, I know people know this song. Get up here and dance!" The end of the night was highlighted by Bohemian Rhapsody, home made hedgehog cookies made by Garratt's mom in memory of their pet, and freshly baked bacon. Who doesn't like bacon? (I'm told Garratt presided over a meat club while in school.)

Undeniably distinctive wedding with elements that I will not soon forget! Right down to running off in a classic yellow cab.

Hair and Makeup: Milvali Salon
Floral Design: Nancy Ann Flowers
Catering: Asqew Grill
Cake: Katrina Rozelle Pastries and Desserts
Music: On Beat Productions

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