Monday, October 10, 2011

Patsy & Devin's Wedding. Los Gatos

Ceremony at St. Christopher's in Willow Glen and reception at the Toll House in Los Gatos.

This cute couple met their freshman year in college while Devin was offering his IT and networking services to his new hallmates. What a novel way to "meet people". ;) Well, there must have been something special about the way he configured a 802.11 WPA-PSK connection because he and Patsy have been together ever since. If only everyone on my hall needed a 2400 baud modem configured for their Apple SE30's when I was in college... After graduation Devin moved back to the Bay Area and Patsy followed a little while later. In August of last year Devin planned a little weekend in San Francisco to see the musical Beauty and the Beast, complete with a stay at the top of Nob Hill and fine dining in Hayes Valley. That's when he asked Patsy to marry him.

Patsy used the words classic and pretty when we first met and their wedding was. That morning we bounced back and forth between Devin and Patsy's rooms - so convienent to have everyone at the same place getting ready! They both got ready at the Toll House in Los Gatos where Patsy was the queen of cool. You can see it as she lounged in her bathrobe sipping her Starbucks. I dunno, maybe she knew she was in good hands with Nicole Lisanne's team - Andrea Doll and Nancy Do - handling the setup and schedule.

At the church Father Dave talked what he had learned about the couple over the course of their preparations. He also exposed Devin's penchant for basketball shoes. Jordan's to be specific - many many many Jordan's. Devin had told me earlier that Nike's were in the running as the shoe of choice for the wedding. The reception featured some charming country accents. There were subtly unmatched glass flower vases, chaulk boards at the dessert table, menus, signs, and gift tags with country-western font faces, deconstructed flower arrangements, and fruit preserves favors for all the guests (wow! which Patsy's mom made herself!). The fingerprint tree and fondant cake toppers figures were cool too. To the joy of their guests, there was a photobooth. Photobooths are always a fun addition to wedding receptions. I love seeing all the crazy things people do behind the privacy of a curtain. Check out what happens when the bridesmaids and groomsmen take over the booth. It's like night and day.

It was flawless, right down to the limo drivers. I gotta say, I've rarely been at a wedding where the limo either beats me to the location or is right there a few steps behind me. I swear they have some sort of light-changing-button thingy.

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