Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alexandra & Brett's Engagement. San Francisco

A few weekends back I met up with Alex and Brett for their engagement session. Recall me mentioning the Ferry Building as being quite popular? Well, I’m back! They had never explored the marketplace so we walked the long hallway stopping along the way to sample and window shop. There are so many terrific small businesses and food stalls, I’m sure this won’t be their last time here.

Walking from end to end, we found some wonderful light indoors and out! It was a gorgeous day in the City so there were loads of people out enjoying the San Francisco Spring. Bench space along the waterfront was hard to find but opened up after the ferry started loading. Alex and Brett were great together and up for anything. A freestyle bike exhibition occupied Justin Herman so we went with my Plan B location nearby where they danced around a fountain and posed in front of the Transamerica building.

Alex had a couple special requests - cable cars and the Palace of Fine Arts. Certainly can’t miss those SF landmarks and I aim to please so we fit both in before dark. The cable car grips were ever gracious and let us take our fill of pictures. Thanks guys! So many great images, here are some of my faves.

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