Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nicole & Jon's Engagement. San Francisco

The ever popular Ferry Building was the first stop on our engagement adventure. This iconic building marks the eastern end of Market Street and has been a San Francisco public space for over a century! Now it is a gourmet weekday lunch destination for FiDi office workers and a bustling market drawing families on weekends. Over the last several years, it's also become a photographer's delight. The Ferry Buildling is a memorable landmark for Nicole and Jon because it played a part in their "coupling" and later, their engagement. Both actually occurred at the nearby art installation space that once featured Bourgeois's Crouching Spider and currently the Raygun Gothic Rocket.

Nicole used to live in the Marina and wanted to make that a part of the day so we hopped on a historic F Embarcadero Line street car transferring to the 30 Stockton Broderick. The Muni is always packed with interesting people and stories. Coincidentally, the subject of one 30-Stockton story was seen waiting at a bus stop on Chestnut. Both Nicole and I instantly recognized him!

This pair is full of laughs! Despite the occasional drizzle and slight chill they were all smiles as we admired the multimillion dollar homes on Marina Blvd. During our walk they told me why Pierce and Chestnut was their corner, which bars to drink at, which restaurants to eat at..., and noodling. Just wait until the wedding ;) Fun times to come!

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